Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Of recent movies

I guess 2018 have the colorful and fantastic movies compared to 2017. I started my new year with the most raved film The Greatest Showman, a musical film about P.T Barnum (although there are many fictional characters in the film). It was raved in Twitter and people talked about it like a month? I guess it combine the best things people wanna see in a cinema and in a film, consisting of good dancing and choreography, a very ear-pleasing songs, good showmanship, a linear story-line and diverse themes on poverty, standards, class, love, commercialization, money, strange things, dream, ambition, and broken heart. 

I seriously cannot move on from this film so I downloaded all the songs. 

I also watched Jumanji. I not have high expectation on this film. To watch this, I have to be in chill and relax,because I don't want to compare it with the old Jumanji by Robin William. The story is straight forward but after I watched the film, I appreciate the acting by Jack Black. He is legend and a amazing actor but I don't know why I just confirm it via this film. Must be an insult heh? Haha..but he can be anything. 

Unfortunately, I didn't watch Black Panther.

I also watched Ready Player One. I watched the trailer online so I can't wait when it is out at the cinema and garnered attention. It's nothing new, the premise is simple, sort of like Avatar-feeling, but in the middle of the film, I kind of excited with the development of every character and the story-line. It combine the online world and reality but I guess in the future, the OASIS-kind of game is accessible to everyone. The similar thing happened now as we want to exit temporarily the reality, we go online for escapism.

Right after Ready Player One, I and husband watched A Quiet Place. This movie also reviewed as among the best and comparable with Don't Breathe. The movie is so quiet that one hall of cinema also being quiet. I and husband even didn't talk for several minutes after we exit from the hall, and we were like "Why we didn't talk? We are not in the Quiet Place.." hahaha

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

On Words and Books

I am swamped with work but I guess I need to do something else, lest I feel jaded and end up do nothing.

Something else is -- writing in the blog.

Although we have a lot of social medias, I sometimes wanna read more on words and sentences. Doing a karangan in Instagram is good, making a thread in Twitter is good, but I guess I enjoying the flows of words and ideas and thoughts unfiltered in blog. Some of popular bloggers stopped writing in blog with reason detre of makcik bawang. To think back, maybe yes. When we expose our 2 percent life in social media, we cannot escape from judgement, be it highlighted moments of breaking down moments -- all are being judged.  Some people stay grounded or being 'low profile' they said for not flaunting the selfie of post anything in the social medias, but they are the people who are very active in stalking other people and judging secretly. I know because I have a lot of friends like this.  They have like 4 or 5 posts but their names appear on views and all, not even likes, because they don't want to be known. Some other people they post quite half of their life online but they do online for the sake of updating, instead of stalking. Sometimes it is awkward when we post something and we don't want certain people to know, but less you know, our post has become the topic of conversation at dining table. 

But, but I still enjoying reading and writing. Maybe that's what I am good at or maybe that's the thing I think not consume any energy or mental drain. A book nerd or bookworm labels - I don't mind at all for the label, because it is what I love in life. And I love any films portraying books or words or literature in the film. 

I want to talk about something else, but I think I want to change my topic. Here I provide some list of films that I already watched which I thought have book/words/literature as setting. 

Being Flynn

I was initially underestimated this movie. It is about complicated relationship between son and father. The narration is quite good as I can watch it twice. Maybe it is inspired by true story that helps the story line well-crafted. The movie is although quite verbose but I enjoy listening and reading the English subtitle as it convey the simplest idea wordy and arty. 

Credit: link

The Words

This is one of the great film I watched on words. The movie is a about the struggling writer trying to get published, but all of his manuscripts were rejected. He found a bag with amazing novel manuscript and published it instead and become a best-seller. One day, he got a call from a man saying that he is the original writer of the novel. The movie is sandwich in the beginning and the ending which left me thinking it is the real story or it is the hallucination? Anyway, it still got good plot. 

Credit: link

Secret Window

Secret Window may not talking about art or literature but I still love the movie despite it received bad reviews. It is about the struggling writer (too!) writing a novel. The movie is actually a psycho-thriller. IMHO, although the movie have Johnny Depp, it still cannot garnered the good attention as the movie is predictable and forgettable.
Credit: link

The Book Thief

If you are book and word lovers, you cannot not watch this film. The story starts with male narrator and after several minutes, you will notice the 'I' in this film is The Death. This movie is about a girl who live in Hitler's era and she loves book and she steals book.  The vocabulary learning is embedded in this movie, as well as diary dispute too. A great movie. I watch this twice and surprisingly, I was crying twice. Maybe I becoming old and my heart become softer. 

Credit: link

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rogue is a musical film. A love story between the penniless writer and poet with the most beautiful courtesan. This is one of the great movie you should watch, as it full of spices and everything nice. The movie is musical and somewhat a little bit slapstick, not verbose like Being Flynn but I love how the director Baz Luhrman put poetry and words into emphasis of the movie and the songs. It's all about art appreciation -- as their dogma -- Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. 

Source: link


This is one of the amazing film, on the love story, separated by war and false testimony. The false accusation has destroy the lives and future of many people. The movie, although not really emphasize on literature and books, it emphasize on the power of words and how the words are taken seriously. Mock play, word play, letter reading, wrong assumption for wrong choice of words, the best seller book as redemption for wrong accusation -- its all have in the film. An unspoken and bonded tragedy until the end of their lives. "Love you, marry you and live without shame"

Source: link

Bee Season

I have to confess that I not fully concentrate while watching this film, except the spelling scene . I will try to watch this again next time

Credit: link

The Great Gastby

I don't care about the reviews, I already read the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I watch this film several times. The movie is not having the books or words as the main theme, but the stylish luxurious lifestyle, the moral decadency and love story. However, the narrator, also the character in the film, Nick Carraway is portrayed as depressed one after the death of Jay Gastby. So his doctor, give him book and pen to write to treat his depression and anxiety. The film begin with this scene, and along the way, Nick uses beautiful words to describe the events and the people around him and his guilt of keeping secrets. 

Maybe the words in the movie is influenced by the book author, F.Scott Fitzgerald words in the novel itself. So maybe the director try to convey the idea of the thoughts into the film by the narration of Nick Carraway.

Credit: link

The Reader

This film is inspired by the same book title - The Reader.  The literature, book and words are quite ubiquitous in this film with the setting of Germany pre and post Holocaust. It's about the relationship between a 15-year-old boy and 36-year-old woman, in exchange for reading the books. However, the relationship is discontinued after the woman moved. And 8 years later the boy attended the trial as a student , to much surprise for him that one of the defendant is the woman he had relationship with. He also found that the woman is illiterate and she is willing to go to prison than to reveal her situation. 

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I personally think Hollywood like to portray writer as struggling and love to put typewriter sound as background to emphasize the world of words. 

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