Monday, 15 February 2016

2016. I hope this is a good beginning

"Indeed with hardship comes ease" (15:85)


  • It is very long time I didn't write here. About two or three month maybe? I hope all of you are in the pink and in the protection of Allah. 
  • I just want to announce that I finally get a decent job. I whined and ranted so much last year on my misfortune, but when things go okay, I kept quiet, it's not fair. I already received my second salary. The job is something I love - research and writing. It actually a research project that I told you in previous posts that should begun in July/August. I thought the researchers already have their own team, but suddenly I received a call from research centre, that stating clearly all the terms and the details. I am so grateful, so grateful, I am over the moon and cloud nine.
  • It is just a temporary job, but again it beautify my resume and build my portfolio. But the ultimate thing I love is money! Hahaha..of course the salary is not very high, but I am still grateful because my project leader is so generous to pay me quite a lot compared to other colleagues within the same line of work. I am very thankful to her. 
  • I found that I becoming energetic, my mind can think clearly, my expression is understandable by people, and my work always been complimented. I just submitted my writing with one of the prominent publisher in UK despite I have no Dr in front of my name and not affiliated with any institutions or associations on a project I applied September last year, knew the result a month later (at that time I was still unemployed). when I submit my work to them last week, I put my designation and institution I work with before the abstract.  
  • What  I did with my first salary?  I paid my debt. I had a debt with my mother. She rejected it first, she asked me to buy gold to make an investment, because she said I work only temporary so I should save my money in gold form. I have to ditch the idea, I am not feeling well spending money and flaunting my gold ornaments in front of her while I still have debt to her. She took it anyway, Alhamdulillah.
  • Last Chinese New Year, my family came to my home. So my mother asked me to bring them to the area of house that my husband purchased last year. To my astonishment, the house is already complete. Complete with the electric and water meters, the road with traffic lights, means, it only need a CF. I and husband were so surprised because last time we visit, exactly on fasting month last year, they still do on plastering. We were not really have a heart to reside in the house because we thought it is so small and grotesque. In other words, husband was quite regret buying that, although the house is really inexpensive , compared to the 'affordable' price of house today. But now when we look at it, the house is complete with modern design, smart frames to windows, end lot unit, double storey, and modern colours, we both quite stunned and my husband sort of happy. My brother just bought a home and initially I was quite envy that people look up to him and downgrading me. I don't mind if people look up to him but when people started questioning my salary and if I really working..I just feel sad..Enough on mood spoiler. I just happy that this year has give me a good beginning.
  • I still not pregnant, neither my sister in law. Compared to me, my sister in law doing TTC treatment aggressively although they got married just a year. She and my brother were so eager to have a baby. I only keep quiet because I have no that plan for now. I still have another plan for my career development. I know I am getting older, but somehow being jobless is more difficult than being childless. In these days where companies are downsizing, there are many breadwinners out there scrapping for any menial jobs to live and to feed their families. I can only send my prayers and pray to Allah to give easiness for their living. I also heard a lot of Master and PhD holders not getting any job in this economic downturn. I almost cried when I read their grieving in Facebook posts, because I used to be at their place. We are some of the unlucky because we graduate in the uncertain economic condition. I also heard from my mother that her friends' daughters and sons who sort of having a depression due to difficulties in getting jobs. A friend of mine came back from overseas from her Master also being unemployed. I also heard some of friends who doing PhDs overseas are being called off , because the sponsors running out of money. I pray to Allah to ease them and give strength to face all of these, I used to be in their shoes, I really understand. I just being grateful for having a job although temporary, but it means a lot to me. I also pray that our economy will be better in few months so that we can get on our feet again.
  • Dear all friends, I want to say thank you for all your advice, your supports, your console, your soothing hugs, suggestions and everything you give to me. I pray that Allah will place your your rankings higher in Jannah , on  your sincerity and honest friendship. I cannot repay all your kindness but I am very sure Allah will repay you better. Thank you my dear friends. 
Will write more later!

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