Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Why Allah Bless Some With Children and Others Not?

"Allah knows what every female bears, and that of which the wombs fall short of completion and that in which they increase; and there is a measure with Him of everything" 
(ar-Ra'du: 8)

I came across some articles on the issues of infertility in the perspective of Islam. However, some of the articles sounds condescending to the childfree couple. For example, I read some of commentators are disagree with the connotation that infertility is (maybe) the punishment from Allah and the childless couple should ask forgiveness from Allah. They argued that it is Allah's wisdom, and Allah is The Most Forgiving. 

I think some of us were also facing this, that we are not blessed with child because we have too much sins and our sins may not be forgiven. Forgive them, anyways. It's not that I disagree I have sins, it just offends me on the perception of the infertility.

This is one of the good tazkirahs (reminder) for the childfree couple.  I found  this via The Seekers Hub, the portals which I subscribe to participate in their various courses every semester free of charge. The tazkirah can be downloaded and you can ask the teaching assistant and the syakhs if there is ambiguity arises in the forum. The downloaded tazkirah can be listened anytime. 

This tazkirah is only 10 minutes but I wish I can share it and it go viral, so that it can be a reminder for us all that life is a test, be it with child or no child. I segregate the tazkirah into two sections:

First: Syakh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari talks about the wisdom on having a child or not having child. It is very good explanation I guess, compact but not sounds condescending at all.

Second: He discussed the wisdom of the verses on the supplication for child. We should ask for trust bearer rather than simply a child. He said that everything we ask, we ask with purpose or carrier. This is reflected by the supplication of the Prophet Zakariah AS. 


  1. sometimes nak je i ckp dgn org yg x sayang mulut ni; "be thankful that Allah chooses me instead of u for this ujian. If u were in my shoes, do you think you can handle it?"

    huhuhu...thanks for sharing this. Looking fwd nak dengar the tazkirah. lappy opis ni x kluar plak audio tu...

    1. Itu lah actually ramai yang cakap like, "nasib baik I tak jadi macam you..", rude..Rasa macam nak cakap, "yes nasib baik you tak jadi macam I, because I don't want any piece of you and your life. and I thank Allah for that".

      The sound of the tazkirah is not that good. Perlahan sangat. I have to turn on the volume speaker to the max.

  2. We are strong women, hence we are the chosen ones! 10 years and counting being childless, today I am just grateful that I am alive.

    1. I wish I have your strength and determination and your positive attitude


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