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Expanding audience: How About Blook on TTC?

A blog turned into a book (Do You Wear Suspenders: The Wordy Tales of Eh Poh Nim, by Lydia Teh, 2009)

A book that contains the contents from blog (Wikipedia, Web definition)

Nowadays, the blook tumbuh bagai cendawan, I think the first blook I read is Rantings by MM from Marina Mahathir, and also Blogging to Unblock by Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad. Now, memang banyak blook dari prominent bloggers yang telah terbit, which I like very much. Contohnya like Desaturasi Merah Jambu by Lady Noe, books from Hamka Kereta Mayat, dan banyak lagi. Yang terbaru saya baca adalah Bimbo Taman Suicide from NeemoNeemo. And banyak pula independent publisher yang publish these books like Terfaktab Media, Dubok Press, Lejen Press, Sang Freud, Studio Anai Anai, etc.

I have an idea that we TTC community also should have our own blook. Konsep yang I think will be interesting maybe like macam buku Makan Dalam by Terfaktab Media (correct me if I'm wrong). Tak silap buku tu adalah hasil penulisan dari prominent bloggers yang dikumpulkan menjadi satu blook.

Objectives of our blook maybe like this:
1) reaching bigger target audience, i.e. offline
2) creating awareness among society on the issue of infertility
3) propagating to the society and media of the fertility issue
4) enhance understanding among society of the infertility issue
5) lain lain lagi boleh tambah sendiri

The blook maybe kita boleh buat satu buku tebal sikit (tapi the price maybe mahal sedikit I afraid people do not want to buy it, after all kita nak create awareness to bigger target audience kan..) or buku agak nipis dalam 200 -300 pages dalam pocket size so that orang boleh carry in any size of bags. Kalau banyak sangat essay yang bagus or if the blook get high demand, maybe the TTC community boleh publish for second series selang setahunnya. Or maybe boleh ditranslatekan ke Bahasa Inggeris so that people yang kurang mahir Bahasa melayu or foreigners boleh beli juga, or maybe will turned into ebook so that people can purchase through online. (Wah besarnya angan).

The blook maybe compiled our best writings in our own blog dalam 30/40 short essay yang mana boleh merangkumi every issues in infertility, contohnya the waiting game, 2ww, endless appointments, drugs and injection, emotional and financial struggling, the procedure of IUI/IVF, HSG, alternative treatment, diet, spiritual,everything under the sun of infertility issue.

Ataupun we can write our own essay/s and kita hantar pada editor to value our essays and pick the best to be compiled. Banyak kan buku macam konsep macam ni.

So maybe bila the blook dah published, the TTC community boleh promote pada orang lain or beli dan bagi hadiah pada orang lain. (Lebih2 lagi pada  si mulut lancang. Hehe).

I have no knowledge of publishing books, so I don't know which publisher yang boleh terima this kind of issue, i.e. infertility. And disebab kan the blook ramai contributor, I don't know anything about honorarium or royalty, or maybe sumbang pada TTC Group? And how to select editor to value the essays, and how to select the proofreader, how to select the the best image on the blook cover to represent the TTC issues? I memang tak tahu langsung so anyone of you yang tahu mungkin boleh sumbang ideas.

One of thing yang I terfikir juga adalah tone atau gaya bahasa dalam that blook. Adakah tone blook ini melancholic, poignant, humorous like 999Reasons to Laugh at Infertility, or sarcacism, or berbunyi superti esei akademik with footnote or reference, or monotone to inform the reader of our struggle, or maybe campur2 dek kerana semua contributor adalah penulis berbeza. Entah.

This blook tak adalah idea gempak or project mega sangat cuma ia lebih kepada reaching bigger  target audience with hard copy, bukan untuk populariti or being recognized, just notice the isu pun dah cukup ok. I think dah sampai masanya we come out from our closet and demand society to respect us more, not belittle us dan juga saya berharap wanita tidak diadili dengan
procreation semata mata sebab we are more than our uterus.


  1. we are more than our uterus - so deep!

    thought about it before... but no enthusiasm to start it. But someone in TTC fb group done that. Just a single note from me... if someone really do this... make sure we doesn't over shadow the real doctors... my humble request. coz... ramai sangat la i perasan yg dok pokpek2 kalah doktor... yg dok jual product lagi la kan...

  2. oh la hai I tak aware pun ada someone in TTC FB group done this..

    Yes I think it is a good point on pointing the essay that should not overcloud the professional opinions. That is why I terfikir kalau ada yang buat juga should legal reference from reliable sources, i.e. Medical and scientific journals bertaraf ISI seumpamanya, macam Aidid Muaddib did once ago.

  3. I think it's a good idea. Especially when it comes from many who are of different background, different issues, different medical history.

    Even you, yourself can be the publisher. You need to fill a form that can be gotten from the National Library and also submit an application for ISBN. Then once you have your material at hand and all the necessary - i.e. front cover, back cover, sleeve, the preface, acknowledgement, contents and also the content - you can go to a printer, and they will print it for you. But of course you will need to market, distribute and sell on your own. If you source for a publisher, then yes, they will do the marketing, distribution and selling.

  4. I wrote a long comment and not sure if it went through. My page just went blank after I hit the publish button.
    If it did get to you, please delete this current comment.

    I think it's a good idea as we all come from different backgrounds. We have different medical issues, different medical history, different ways that we approach this, but we all have one goal - to conceive.

    Even you can be a publisher. You will need to get a form from the National Library and also submit your application for ISBN. Once you have everything ready i.e. the complete blook from front cover to side sleeve to back cover , then you can get it printed. The only thing when you are your own publisher is that you will have to market, distribute and sell it.

  5. oh my... i miss Aidid Muaddib writings!

  6. i think somebody need to compile it, kumpul semua cerita. kena ada satu platform untuk ttcians sumbang idea and tenaga. bahasa melayu is recommended i think sebab ada jugak yang susah nak faham bahasa inggeris. target audience around malaysia. once dah compile all the stories maybe can propose to any publisher. boleh mintak nasihat diorang macamana design, laws yang kena ikut and all. i think the publishers know. i dont have any experience buat buku. so bagi cadangan basic je la.. haha.. great idea bnc!

  7. B&C, LM, "We are more than our uterus" has a nice ring to be the blook title :-) good idea la B&C. I'd like it to be 'santai' but informative and positive...


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