Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Indeed, I was full of myself thinking that I am successfully pregnant.
My period lewat for 5 days. Never in my whole life lewat macam tu. Sebab tu la perasan.

But I have another reason to cheers, since last week I received my parcel from Kiss & Tell, which I bought a 5 inch pumps to wear on Eid-ul-Fitri.

Being an avid online shopper (Boo to less-choice-and expensive-in-everything Borneo)   I recommend this website for buying shoes because they give fast feedback, clarity in their message, easy peasy payment method and choice for non credit-debit card holder like me, efficient and not to mention the package and the box comes with our shoes. We will pay the same price for other exclusive brands but the 'touch' attached with the items made my heart melted. Not only the shoes, but it comes with the special jaunty pink shoes bag with Kiss & Tell logo, the shocking pink box and not to forget the big white ribbon tied the box with Kiss & Tell pink logo.  It may sounds common but..

ah, please..I just found out that I'm not pregnant. So, let me appreciate my pumps now! 


  1. do check zalora out. free delivery within malaysia.

    im in love!

    1. hehehe aku tadi baru bukak zalora tu. ok ternyata all of them are not me kecuali Dr Marten tapi Dr Marten dia tak lawa sekian. tapi utk yg mmg suke baju2 di situ mmg worth buying! :P

      B&C, hehehee period lewat 5hari sbb puasa kot? heheh takpaaa next month cer-cube lagiii :P

    2. Same here..I'm not into Zalora. I think ThePoplook, Pretty Chase and Double-Woot define me better. Kalau FashionValet pula too simple and conventional..

      Mungkin pasal puasa la lewat kot..takpelah cuba sampai berjaya.. :-D

    3. Friends,

      in case kalau interested with Zalora, make sure hati2 ya..sebab i banyak baca pasal their bad customer service. Ni some of the links :

      Di blog Hanis Zalikha tentang Zalora (baca di komennya pun some of them berjela2 tak puas hati with their customer services).

      Same goes to company adik-beradik Zalora like Lazada

      dan juga Home24Malaysia (spt yg ditulis oleh LadyNoe recently

      As I was informed (so far), all of them are under the same company.

  2. I dh lewat period almost 3 weeks...nop... Im not preggy... I know im not. May b i should POAS... Coz usually lps POAS mesti cik p dtg... Huhuhuhuhu :-p BnC, post la gambo kasut tu... Nk tumpang gumbira :-)

    1. 3 weeks? OMG I yang lewat 5 days ni pun perasan gila..haha..sebab my period make its debut in perfect timing..ciss my period buat i perasan..haha

      I segan nak post gambo sebab after i rakus bukak the box, i dah lupa the initial ribbon tie and what nots pakcage yg asal tu kemudian i biar je terbongkang dalam bilik supaya jadi symbol keterujaan..kih kih kih

    2. hehehe sbenanye i pun tgh perasan pregnant gak tapi taknak ngaku. hahahaha. sbb lama gile lepas berubat tu my period didnt show up :( tapi i tak buat hpt pun sbb fobia sgt dgn perasaan kecewa tgk 1 line walaupun i'll be ok after that. cuma nyampah nak beli hpt. smlm batuk2 sampai nak termuntah, terus lagi perasan gila pregnant. hahaaha! kdg2 syok gak perasan ni.

    3. syok memang syok la perasaan perasan tu..haha..tapi sorry la nak belu UPT..nanti i kecewa..tup2 keluar period

  3. i came across your blog. here's a big hug for you. i'm 5 years married n childless. somewhere around last year raya i decided to stop trying. anyhow,i wish you all the best n keep on trying. InsyaAllah. Aminn ;)

    1. *hugs*

      You survived for 5 years? I wish I have the same strength like you..and thank you for your support.

      InsyaAllah Ameen..


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