I want to change my attitude

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

I think the last two weeks my blog overload with negative vibes. I also announced that I 'm not putting any effort to get pregnant. I also keep ranting and whining annoyingly with the inconsiderate breeders and hate them. I also arguing with my mother for not paying attention to the family establishment and making excuse when she kept asking me to go here and there to do treatments. I believe that the time is not yet to come, and I convinced to my mother that my womb is okay, but the rizq is not yet. In denial? Maybe.

I used to read about the Law of Attraction.  The law says that 'like attracts like'. The law also stated that we should focus on what we want rather than what we don't want. Instead of reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I read Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. He also provide to the reader the lists and some exercises to believe for what we want. We should know what we want, affirm it in our heart and believe it. Believe in our whole heart, even a single doubt will make our desire less success.Maybe I forget, but the Law of Attraction from the book I read not touching about the fertility issue. The issue that always been discussed are like money, relationship, desire, health, etc. So, I don't think that the Law of Attraction is applicable with fertility issue. I missed the Power by Rhonda Byrne but I read The Magic by the same author. The Magic basically is the art of gratitude.  In this book, in Heath section, it saying, " Very often when a person is diagnosed with an illness or disease of some kind, they will not only talk about it a lot, but they will research the disease, gathering information about its possible worsening symptooms and dreaded outcomes. In other words, they give their entire focus to the disease. However, the law of attraction says that we can't make a problem go away by focusing on it, because focusing on the proble can only make the problem worse. Instead, we should do the exact opposite, and focus on the ideal state for the area of our body that is unwell, and give our thoughts and feelings to that. Gratitude for the ideal state of any part of our body powerfully uses our thoughts and feelings together so we magnetize it to us - in one fell swoop!"(page 152&153)

I think back my reason of writing in this blog.
It is for my own record? But I have no medical record.
It is for vent my resentment toward inconsiderate breeders? Erm..Likely.
It is to express my emotion? Ya I think so
Is that mean I focus on my infertility? Hell yeah, even I put the tagline 'Infertility is not a curse". I should put doa like other bloggers as a welcoming notes!

After that, I search keyword - The Law of Attraction + Fertility = there are thousands of webs but the I read most this blog - ZenFertility. The blog owner actually a acupuncturist but he/she does help the fertility-problem patient with the law of attraction and postive attitude. From this webs, I know that I do so wrong.For example, I whine about my mestruation period which always take about 10 days, but Jay Farhana said to me to be grateful because i have menstruation (and means I have perfect womb). Yes, I have a good womb, based on last year medical check-up which the doctor said, I have a good womb. Furthermore, I used to see an ustaz, to consult him about my other illness, but we also try to ask him about my fertility problem, he said that I have no problem, and it just the time is not yet to come. Dia juga cakap, kalau nak sangat2 juga, dia boleh usahakan dan buat air, tapi dengan syarat i tak merungut. I asked him merungut pasal apa? Dia cakap merungut la, merungut pasal tambang flight nanti bertambah. Erm..maybe ustaz tu tahu I kuat merungut kot. Kot lah. He gave two choices, either if I want it so much (dia cuba usahakan ) with condition (no whining) or I wait to the perfect time. I chose the later. I diam je, my husband pun diam je. Alhamdulillah I have no problem. It is just me being negative and hate preggers and mommies. Ouh. I lupa nak bagitahu, this web also have a month free exercise untuk trigger our fertility. Just register your email then kita buat la latihan yang diberikan for 4 weeks.

There are many issues that I think we did wrong about our infertility but I think we are the simple human who have our weakness and emotional upheaveal. I may exaggerate the situation, by pouring all my tantrums in this blog with hatred words to the mommies. But, I change my mind starting from now. I want to be positive with my fertility and my life. You can also read the inspiring stories from this webs The Secret.tv and click on the stories at the health section. Sounds promising but very inspiring.

I can just summarize from my reading. From my perusal, the fertility and infertility factors comes from our belief and focus. Means, if we focus on the infertility, the infertility genes will dominate our body but we focus and being positive on the fertility and mommyhood, the fertlity will trigger our body regardless of our current conditional, provided we are grateful for what we have and what we are in the current, grateful for the ideal state and grateful for the coming effect.

I also read the from the famous Singaporean blogger XiaXue on her story about her fame doing the law of attraction. She wrote that if it is hard for us to believe what we want, write our desire 10times (or 20 times) on a paper everyday. Everyday. She also wrote about her friend yang nak jadi mommy then wrote her wish on the lantern and later she got pregnant.You can read it here.

If you read a lot about this, they will encourage us to do the Pregnancy Vision Board. Pregnancy Vision Board ni adalah the ideal state of your dream or desire but in this case is your baby. I tak pandai nak explain but lebih kurang macam ini, tapi you put your own family dream.

Source: A Vision Board for Fertility and TryingToGetPregnant
Boleh juga nak tengok Vision Board dia ni (link). Atau pun dia ni (link) - dia tak tunjuk tapi dia buat padahal umur dia dah over 40.

Atau pun yang ini (Source: Mothering.com)

Ataupun yang ini (link). Siap ada line positive tu.

Yang atas ni I think tak berapa jelas sangat. Tapi ok juga la as guideline to get a clear picture. Sebab kalau ikut tips yang diberikan, we should dream how our pregnancy and our family - mula-mula gambarkan excitement of positive UPT (ada gambar 2 line), dream your own favourite doctor, dream kat mana nak bersalin - hospital canggih manggih ikut lah, dream excitement from our family, dream the baby shower, dream your husband follow every check up, dream your beautiful radiance skin sepanjang pregnancy, dream nak anak laki ke perempuan, etc -- dream everything.

It's up to you either you want to do it on hard board and put in on your dressing table or just make a collage and make it as your background picture for your netbook, iPad, handphone, etc..

I teringin sangat nak buat Vision Board ni. I nak buat I am a mother of twin.
Jom buat sama-sama!


  1. sounds fun!! nak buat jugak lah..memang sesuai untuk orang yang suka berangan dan bermimpi macam i ni...heheheh

    1. heheh..i pun suka berangan..tapi tak apa, berangan tak salah,tak pakai duit dan tak kacau orang pun..jom2 buat nanti boleh share

  2. mcm kewllllllll jeeeeee
    nak jugak lah buatttt :P kretipp
    B&C, u nak order TTC tshirt? (sorry iklan jap) kalau nak meh view kat sini yaa..i tgh kumpul order...

    1. memang kewwllll! i nak kumpul gambar twins banyak2..

      Oh i thought the shirt untuk the group je..nanti i tanya my husband dulu ya kot2 dia nak sepasang dengan i.. bila u tutup order?

  3. thanks sebab introduce THAT xiaxue's post! inspiring sangat...

    lets be positive and dream!

    1. yup..inspiring..at least dia ada juga cerita yang sometimes dia rasa The Secret ni crap sebab ada yang tak tercapai tapi dia still buat juga kan..dia cakap have some faith..Faith is important

      so i think no harm trying..seronok juga bila baca inspiring story pasal pregnancy dari web TheSecret.tv tu..

  4. nk buat!

    dan mahu jd mother of twin jugak !;)

    1. sama la..i pun teringin nak buat..sekarang i nak create my vision and kumpul gambar according to my vision tu..jom making twins..! :-)

  5. Nak twins jugak! :)
    Marilah berusaha!

    Salam kenal! :)

  6. Salam perkenalan.

    Aja aja fighting!



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