You think you're complete.So what?

You can be sincere and still be stupid. ~Charles F. Kettering

Date: May 13, 2012
Time: 1518

I have a bossy friend let say her name is Rui. Rui is an Asian (she is not Malaysian, but I don't want to write her citizenship in exact) and we met at campus. We were a good friend but her bossiness took me away for a while. However she kept chasing me and telling everyone I'm her friend. It's not that I'm not appreciate our friendship but I think it is just so damn stress have a friend like her. While I accepted it in so-so, I never thought that our friendship will be longer until now.

It is not her citizenship or her aristocrasy that I always want to withdrawn with her, but it is about her always downgrading and looking down to me (and to others). While I have an excuse for not seeing her, she will make 100 reasons why I should see her..Haha..but deep in my heart, I miss our time, I love our friendship but I just want her to have some respect.

Currently, she kept bugging me to see her, to show her children. When I said I am busy and have a time constraint she replied, "Oh you have so much time to go for vacation..". That was also what she always did back then. No respect. But I was astonished by her unchanged attitude despite her title as a mommy of two.

Yesterday she rang me and said she wanna come to my home but my husband asked me not to accept it because we had other plan.

Suddenly, she asked me about family planning.
"Are you in family planning?"
I replied, but not to prolonged the conversation I said, "Maybe"
"Sampai bila kau nak planning? Umur kau kan dah tua.."
"Entah. Kau pula bila nak tambah? Macam senang je kau beranak. Tambah la lagi.." (with chuckle)
"Eh kau ni, kau lah beranak.Kau kan dah lama kahwin. Aku dah dapat sepasang ni aku dah rasa lengkap.."


"Kau nak tunggu sampai bila lagi..? Kalau dah 30 tahun nanti kau pregnant, nanti risky la.."


I chit-chatted with her for minutes, and she told me after that, "......that's why I want to bring my children, I want to show them to you..I want to introduce you to them..."


The conversation ended after some updates and gossips, so after I hang up, I told my husband about the conversation 'of being complete' thing...He respond nothing but making face like this (:-I ) *protruding lips*

Depsite my Zupp!! feeling, I think I have some soft spot when she told me she want to introduce me to her children. But what the heck, her children kecil lagi boleh ke capture memory about my look..? Hahaha..Sungguh vain ini B&C..

I pray if I have children, I will not acting like inconsiderate stupid dumb bunny arse breeders!

This also my revulsion. Thank you.


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