Saturday, 23 June 2012

You are kind, makcik

Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift. ~Margaret Lee Runbeck

Date: May 29

I followed my husband to the workshop. I sat there for freaking 5 hours from 11am to 4pm. At 2pm, there was a family- a husband, a wife carrying a baby, 4 children and one old citizen (I think the husband is her son-I called her makcik). They sat next to me and the makcik actually a friendly person.

We talked and conversed on some things but always distracted with her yelling to the hyperactive toddler who loves to wander in the workshop in curiosity. The toddler is the brother of the baby, means dia adalah anak ke4.

The makcik kept scolding him and I made remarks,
"Dia ni comel. Ikut muka bapak dia."
"Dia ni..Nakal dia berapa lama kat workshop ni?" Makcik asked me.
I replied, "Dari pukul 11 tadi."
"Lamanya..Tinggai mana?"
"Jauh. Bukan orang sini."
"La ni duduk umah sapa?"
"Rumah mertua."
"Anak dah berapa?"
"Tak ada anak."

The makcik was silent for seconds and said to me, "Minta maaf la makcik bertanya tadi ya.."
"Tak mengapa."

The conversation ends because the daddy want to have a lunch with the family at the nearest small restaurant.

Frankly I was happy. I'm not happy because I'm childless but I was touched by the politeness of this makcik who asked for an apology, for asking that 'sensitive' question. And she know it is sensitive thing and it will be sensitive.

You see, the makcik I believe have no tertiary education like our generation, live moderately with shoddy garments and wore cheap hijab, ride an old car with her son & the family but very rich in politeness, classy manners and civilized behaviour. It is very contrast with our generation, who earned well-respected degrees, live in so-called modernism but poor in budi bahasa by asking stupid question and give nasty remarks on our inability to procreate.

Inconsiderate breeders, do you have no shame with this makcik?


  1. yes! its not question..we didn't mind the big Q..its how the person ask n response after they knew we're childless that make us (or at least me ;p) feel so damn annoyed..

  2. Susah nak jumpa makcik yang sangat berbudi-bahasa cam ni.
    Sangat memahami perasaan TTC.
    Kira satu dalam seribu la.
    Selalu yang kita jumpa makcik2 yang suka kepoh2 ala joyah~menyampah!
    Doa TTC untuk makcik ni agar sentiasa di bawah keredhaan Allah sentiasa.

    1. Ye la kak..selalunya jumpa ala Joyah Kepoh..kali ni saya jumpa makcik yang polite macam ni rasa seolah-olah tanah gersang disimbah hujan..gembira..

  3. lg benci kalo jumpe makcik2 yg bg tips itu ini bkn bab mkanan utk subur je,siap cite dlm kelambu pn nk bg tips..benci nye

    1. i ada jumpa budak belum kawen bagi tips dalam kelambu untuk dapat anak..respon pd masa tu, i sengih je..tapi bila balik rumah menyumpah2 semua f*ck keluar..belum kawen dah pandai nak ajar org dah kawen


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