Putting some efforts but no rizq

Many people think they want things, but they don't really have the strength, the discipline. They are weak. I believe that you get what you want if you want it badly enough. 
~Sophia Loren

My mother keep telling me the story of a motherhood joyness, the advantages of having children, the euphoria watching the kids growing up and so many more.

So one moment I asked her if it is okay if I'm being childfree. She (I think) went ballistic, partly shocked if it is my permanent decision. Hm...her story about motherhood and having zuriat became longer and in tense. I was tried to explain to her but she mocking me sarcastically about my liking to fashion and beauty, and my interest in living in a modern lifestyle including my plan to pursue to a higher level of education. She also telling me in twisted sentence somehow means, 'a woman is useless if she's not bear a child even she is a beauty queen'. I don't mean that I am beautiful here but my liking to dress to the nine is public knowledge to my family and my family in law. She thought that I don't want children because I'm so full of myself being a young forever and to preserve my youthfulness.

She also making statement than man can marry other woman to get zuriat so I should beware. I argued at the beginning of her 'lecture' but I restrained myself to kept silent so that we'll not fight.

Am I inspired? Partly.

But I don't like her forecasting of me being childless even it is true. The forecasting like "baik beranak, nanti laki cari lain." or "tak beranak, kesian, husband mesti sedih tu..nanti tambah cawangan la nanti tu" by people is so mean and thoughtless.  She asked me to put extra efforts like others did, like daughters/sons of her friends.  Apparently the MIL of comedian Nabil is one of her friend and Nabil's wife had seen the tukang urut (formerly bidan) in our viccinity. The Nabil's MIL suggested to my mum to bring me to this tukang urut. The tukang urut have no active handphone so mum called her other friends to know if the tukang urut is available. The tukang urut was available that day however she was diagnosed with heart disease the day before. I was nearly to get dress to go to her house but cancelled the plan because I don't want any risk of heart attack while she massaging me. Mampus aku kena saman kang!

Afterwards, another mum's friend coming to our house. Mum told her about my problem and she suggested we saw Prof Dr Zabir @ Zubir at Beranang. This professor actually an expert in herbs and famous herbalist, because his kind of treatment been broadcasted in a documentary (or TV slot I can't remember). The friend of mum said his son having some illness in his private part and cured after consuming the herbs by this Prof. Before that he lose about RM20k (his money) and RM12k from company insurance to treat the illness in modern way. This Prof treat his patient at his house at Kg Sesapan Rembau, Beranang using his hand-made herbal capsule to treat a lot of illness like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, infertility and many more. The cost - fret not because you can put your payment in a special box provided there without any fixed charge- except for heart disease and cancer (if I'm not mistaken, from my reading) will cost about RM300 (because he have to import the special herb from foreign country). The treatment day is everyday from 9-5 except Wednesday and Friday.

We went there in Thursday but unfortunately the place is closed with no advance notice. I saw there are a lot of people coming to his house waiting for him, but after waited for 3 hours they went back and said it is not rizq. They came with various illness and some of them coming from far places like from Perak, Johol, JB and so on. We also went back and decided it was not my rizq after waiting for an hour. For those who want to try this herbs by this Prof Zabir, you can google his name and type Kg Sesapan Rembau in your GPS. It will lead you to Klinik Kesihatan Beranang and do ask the villagers there the house of this Prof. It maybe not my rizq but it maybe your rizq so do update if you happen to try his herbs.

How about my mum? She was dissapointed of course. I also told her that 2 months ago I used to order a health drink (it's like JMD or Atika Beauty) to promote the fertility and inner beauty. This health drink has press release in Utusan, I ordered a bottle from them and they promised to give the account number so that they can deliever the product to me, but the promise is gone with the wind. No rizq.


  1. It's bad that your own mother could say all those stuffs for your. 2 of my uncle, find another wife even they already have lots of kids (one of them has 10 kids, ok).Tak semestinya takde anak ni laki akan cari lain. Allah Maha Adil...Yang penting doa yang baik-baik je.

    1. I thought my mom is okay, but after 2 years of marriage dia macam sedih je with my empty womb. I pun ada uncle yang ada 9 anak, pun kawin sampai 3 kali..

      Patut pray for the good thing je kan..kalau nak suruh i put effort, suruh je la..tapi cakap benda2 macam tu melukakan hati i..


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