Oh ya? Padan muka!

Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. ~P.J. O'Rourke

I read about the 'firing things' from HoneyLily in her blog. I believe that in this infertility issue, sometimes we have to fight alone. Sometimes we have to put aside our dogmatism of being a good and nice person sebab we always been insulted, sneered, mocked and teased in a humiliated way. I never 'firing' verbally to anybody until I stumbled upon with the detestable Budak Semut Bodoh. Remember about this Budak Semut Bodoh?

She is pregnant.

 About four months ago, I stumbled upon with her at the airport and I frankly pretended that I didn't noticed her. She in fact approached me, greeted me, saying she miss me so much and telling me that I am so arrogant for not contacting her. (Huh, memang tak ingin pun..!)

She told me in annoying excitement that she is pregnant. Before I said anything, she rubbed her hand on my belly and asked me if I have a bun in the oven. Of course not! (My mistake, i wore a bit tight shirt yang made me look rather chubby).

I asked what months her pregnancy is. She telling me the pregnancy is about 2 months and whining that she have a tough morning sickness. I replied to her, "Oh ya? Padan muka!"

She don't want to prolong the conversation and excused herself. I, in contra felt the joy of saying bad things to her. I mean, instead of having guilt with my saying, I feel good and it's like saying those rude words released all my vengeance and my hatred toward her into the air at the airport.

You may think that I am so mean. But before you judged me in that way, please read why and how she treated me.

Budak Semut Bodoh, may your child stupid like you. (Not my real du'a, just my evil thought).


  1. kan...bukan niat kita nak jadi mean..tp saya tau macam mana rasanya kepuasan dpt kenakan balik org yg selalu kenakan kita...at least macam release stress gitu...hehehe

    1. Yup..i tak pernah 'fire' orang yang mengata2..tapi kali ni rasa macam 'lega' dan i pun tak berdendam lagi dah..

  2. Sometimes we have to be mean, to be good!
    Spesis ni dari nak kahwin, dah kahwin, nak preknen, dah preknen, nak beranak, dah beranak, mesti havoc!
    Agaknya time tuttt!!! tu pun kalau boleh nak kecoh satu kampung!

    1. I think they are like ibu ayam, telur sebiji riuh sekampung..hahhaa..

  3. B&C, sometimes I really hope I have the guts to 'fire' them back! Haha. Kadang-kadang kena jugak bg jwpn yg bole buat diorg terdiam kan :p

    1. I really hope I have the guts..cuma resmi diri kita ni tak pandai nak sindir2 orang..cuma kali ni rasa perkataan tu meluncur je dari mulut..


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