Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hotspots for the Infertile

You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person. ~Alec Waugh

Rudnik - The Twin Town

Picture source: Timesofmalta

A tiny village, located at the south-east Bulgaria, is famous for their twin family everywhere. Although the multiple birth resulted from IVF is popular in Bulgaria, the locals in Rudnik insisted that they conceived the twin family naturally. They believed that the water in Rudnik is very 'natural' to meet the fertilization thus improve fertility among local women. Some academicians viewed that this possibility is because of the water in Rudnik and its good elements while some academicians stated that this happened just because of hereditary. (Source: Link 1, Link 2)

Kodinhi, Kerala India - A Wonder Land of Twin

Picture source:Groups Yahoo

There is still mystery to the expert to the miraculous twin village of Kodinhi (in Malapuram district) in Kerala. There are 220 sets of twin registered in Kodinhi but the doctor believes it is more than 350 sets of twin in Kodinhi. The riddle growing stronger when every year the twins delievered is increasing for the past 10 years. The expert believes that this happen because of their water. Although India is the lowest twin rate, but Kodinhi is the highest twin rate in the world. There are a lot mystery unsolved such as the height of the mother. In medical research, the height of the mother to carry the twin should be about 5ft3inc while average of Kodinhi women is 5ft. Another factor of twinning pregnancy is the age of the mother, which most of the twin mother are mature women while Kodinhi women is just 18-20 years old when delivering their twin. (Source: Link 1, Link 2)

Australian Outback, Kununurra, Australia - The Fertility Water

Picture source:Jessicast

Nicole Kidman claimed that the fertility water in Kununurra had helped her pregnant, together with other six women who swam in the same water during the production of the film "Australia" (hero: Hugh Jackman). She claimed that there were 7 babies conceived and out of it, one is a baby boy. The claimed has invited so many infertile woman to go to the location.

(Source: Link 1, Link 2)

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, Langkawi, Malaysia - The fertility lake

This is a well-known lake in Langkawi with its legend which is said to help the infertile and barren woman to increase their fertility in order to conceive. The legends tell that the princess named Dayang Sari buried her first child in the lake, hence the special power of the lake to boost fertility. This lake also resembling the laid down pregnant woman.  (Source: Link 1, Link 2)

African Fertility Statue from Ivory Coast, at Ripley's office in Florida.

This five foot statue made from wood, carved by Baule tribesman in 1930s. This statue represent a king holding a sword and mango while the queen holding infant, which indicate the fertility symbol. According to the legend, the statue should be located before the bedroom and the couple who wish to conceive touch the statue before they went to bed. Within a year in Ripley's office, 13 staffs and visitors were pregnant after touching the statue. In their world-tour in the late 90s, the Ripleys received over than 2000 letters from women stating that they are pregnant after touching the statue, although some of them are diagnosed barren by the doctors. I also used to read that one of the Ripley's staff were pregnant after she hold the statue to move it to the Ripley's truck, although she was in birth control. (Source: Link 1, Link 2)

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