Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 25

Day 25:
Talk about a time when you made someone in your life understand more about infertility

The question is asking about a time when we made someone to understand about infertility, but in my case, the time is still on-going, because my own mother can never understand why I'm still not pregnant.

Every time she called me, we will end up with arguing and fighting verbally on this issue, and she as usual, use veto power as a mother claimed that I broke her heart.

I know that she is more tensed than me, since she mingling a lot with her friends who has a daughter or daughter in law and her friends are most of them a grandmother, although their daughter or son getting married months or years later than mine. Her friends on the other hand keep bugging her to ask me to do some treatments like fertility massaging at Tukang Urut so and so, go to Dr so and so, try Biodex, try pills so and so, and many many more. My mother giving excuse to them that I am far from her, but her friends insist her to inform me through phone. Makcik-makcik perangainya lagi parah! Menyampah aku.

Sometimes my mother do understand that I'm just not a mother, not sick or having terminally-ill sickness. But there are a lot of time she think that I'm not put any effort. I wrote several times that she don't care much if I bearing a child or not, but actually it just because she still have some respect to my father, my siblings and my husband.

Dear Mum, I'm sorry you are not a grandmother like your friends. I know you want to kiss the cheek of a baby and throwing an aqiqah ceremony for your future grandchild, calling your marhaban group to do their performance in our home, making bunga telur and nasi kunyit manually to be given to your marhaban groups. But I'm sorry, my womb is still empty.


  1. insyaAllah BnC.
    mungkin rezeki sgt baik akan tiba nnti
    jgn putus usaha aje :)

    wah..lg 5hari nk habis this challenge ;)

    1. InsyaAllah..

      rasa macam dah tak kesah ada anak ke tak..seolah2 macam dah boleh terima masih belum punya anak..

      -rasa parah juga nak menghabiskan..


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