Day 19

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. 
-Cyril Connolly-


Day 19:
What tv show/movie/commercial/print ad has bothered you the most since you began trying to conceive? If possible, post it here. Tell us why it bothered you so much

I loathe these titles in one of the most despicable blog in Malaysia

And I detest the self-proclaimed sharp shooter blog owner. I used to post about this issue here
As the owner has boasting around talking about his higher education, his high paid job, his experience studying oversea, got invited in the so-called high class function, or snobbing about his ability as a sharp-shooter, I can see those titles in his blog telling otherwise about his brain.

And I'm glad I'm not alone in this. The most popular online forum in Malaysia also loathe him well(although for different reason)


  1. kenapa perlu tulis ayat2 yg mcmtu bila seseorang pregnant cepat..huhu

  2. fuhhh..ingt sy sorang je yg meluat baca tajuk2 dia. hehehe

    maybe tulis macam tuh sebab nk org ckp dia pon sharp shooter kot (?) mmg sgt bangga diri :)

  3. tajuk yg lebih sesuai...heartless sharp shooter.....


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