Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 13

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  - Confucius


Day 13:
Post the list of potential baby names that you seriously considered, but can no longer use because someone stole it/it became too popular/whatever reason.

I know the question asked to list out the names, but I beg to digress.

The potential baby names that we consider always a simple and short one. No offense,but we are sick with the glamorous and long name given by parents nowadays to their children. Sometimes the names are very short but parents like to experiment with the pronounciation and spelling. For example, Hadi (simple and short) but spelled by their parents in birth registration form as Hadiey. Or Tirana spelled as Teeranha. Sorry but their future teachers and lecturers may puke after calling their names (like 40 or 45 students per class) for taking attendance in a class.

I and my husband used to laugh when reading tweets from Obefiend which sound more or less like this, "nama anak daniel but muka like simpang renggam"..My husband asked me, "What is simpang renggam?"..Hahaha..I told him Simpang Renggam is not "what" but "where".. Haha!

It sounds offensive but  true....! The names like Damiya, Damya, Daniel, Iskandar, Putra, Qaleesya, Edura or something like that never crossed in our minds.  So our baby names might be like Amira, Aisyah, Nora, Lina, Atikah, or Ahmad,Rafi, Fauzi, Nizam, etc..After all, we learned about KISS - Keep It Simple and Short.

Credit to: Ktk985

Again, no offense yah..!


  1. hello there!

    i agree with you! if i myself have children, i will definitely give names as simple as i can. mungkin nama nabi and isteri nabi would be my choice. :)

    1. Yup..of course names of the prophets.itu yang terbaik


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