Wordy Wednesday: Male Fertility in media

I'm glad that fertlity is not only 'woman issue' but tad dissapointed that I didn't catch the discussion from the beginning.

* Both of them are moderator, not the speaker. Thank you


  1. when was this? pagi ni ye? alaaa... must be an interesting discussion.

    yes, definitely not just 'woman issue'. men (by nature) are just too proud to admit their flaws. hihihi.

  2. B&C, I've received the gift today. Tengkiu dear...Cantik sangat...suke :-)

    p/s: tulisan u pun cantik :-) hehehehhe...

  3. Yannie: Ha'ah pagi..the speaker tu siap cakap yang tiada tak ada fertility problem..hmmphh

    Sweet Tooth: Oh dah sampai? Glad to hear that..haha..tu tulisan serba kalut dalam kereta.. :-)


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