Thursday, 5 January 2012

Book Review: Zuriat Biologi by Hasan Basri Omar

Title: Zuriat Biolog: Reproduksi Rekaan Dari Perspektif Islam
Author: Hasan Basri Omar
Publicatio by: PTS Islamika Sdn Bhd
Page: 108 pages
Price: West Malaysia-RM25, East Malaysia - RM28

This book is a compilation of a dissertation by the author on his way to complete his degree at Al-Azhar University with the high-authority journals and discussion  about the biological reproduction.

I bought this book on my way back to our hometown and read it thoroughly to know the discussion about the biological reproduction in Islamic persepctive. Biological procedure like IUI or IVF become our last resort but that doesn't mean that I never thought of them. Maybe, in the future we are likely to adopt this kind of procedure but for time being, we are not into biological procedure.

From the book, it is a new knowldege to me that the discussion of biological reproduction is not widely discussed by Muslim scholars because it involve fiqh, while to discuss this heavy and sensitive issue, the authority shold have expertise (at least) in medical field. There was a time where the biological reproduction is prohibited but as the time evolve, syariah has its own guidelines for us to proceed with the procedure to cater this complicated issue.

The book consist of 10 chapters and what i like about this book, the discussion combine the proof from fiqh and medicine, together with maqasid syariah . There is 3 reasons of the infertility from the side of the husband and 3 reasons of infertility from wife. Apparently there are no conflict among fiqh experts on the issue of husbnad and wife getting treatment of infertility.

The book also states that infertility is a disease and curable, and it is not a norm.

I was almost dropping my tears when I read "Ada sesetengah pasangan berkahwin telah Allah mentakdirkan tidak mempunyai zuriat".  Am I in this group? Wallahua'alam.

I recommend this book because
i) The quality of the paper. They used glossy and high quality paper. It matters to me.
ii) The author combines the discussion in fiqh, medical and morality persepectives
iii) The layout of the book; the author elaborate the facts in point forms, and the graphic desinger put the point form in attractive way
iv) The discussion is supported by good images
v) The references are attached in the end of the chapters. So it is easy for us to check any footnote or to check thorugh online
vi) The book is not expensive, below RM30.
vii) The author is well-versed in the field. The author published his work on 2001 in Egypt, but published his book in Malaysia in 2011.
viii) The author elaborate the issue in easy sentences, understandable by non-Science people like me.


  1. thanks for sharing the info! i might get it soon! katmana u beli MPH ada tak?

  2. I beli kat Restoran jejantas highway sg buloh tu.. rasanya di MPH ada..


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