Thursday, 1 December 2011

National Infertility Survival Day : When?

Hey, maybe we are not meant to celebrate Mother's Day, yet. But he have our own day. National Infertility Survival Day. It may taunt us by celebrating this day because people said we have nothing to celebrate on. But I beg to differ. We have something to celebrate, we SURVIVED.


Actually i did not well-research about this but here is my findings:

In UK - June 10 (source: here)

In US - first Sunday on the month of May (source: here, here, here )

Some said it is Sunday before the Mothers' Day.

Let me know if you have the exact date..

And let me know what you plan to do (with your husband) on this day.



  1. Wow.... First time dengar ni....

  2. SweetTooth: Saya pun baru first time tau..tapi maybe kawan2 TTC yang lain lebh tahu exact date..


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