Monday, 5 December 2011

Discussion: What you did to distract yourself from infertility issue?

Before I'm going for holiday and the blog will be full of (infertile) dust, I want to open the discussion among TTCians:

What you did to distract yourself from infertility issue?
What you do to divert your focus of having a child?

I will shop till I drop the fabulous designer's dress, and wear it in kenduri to make people impress with couple like us i.e. we have a lot of money and our money not for spending on pampers or expensive formula milk or baby sitter.
I write a lot, to become a famous novelist
I wear red hot funky lipsticks, to express my confidence level
I travel a lot with my husband and we did try bungee jumping..orang beranak pinak tu penah ke try? Hahaha
I convert my obsession to child to the obsession of craft and art

I love you all..


  1. I travel a lot with my husband... but never la try bungee jumping. Teehee..

    Yes..that's Kekda style to forget about my infertility issue and make other feel 'wah..syoknya dia tetiap bulan berjalan. smpai ke HK plak tu'. Hik hik hik...

  2. I just buried myself with work and further my study & take professional exam (boringnya saya ni....) Have fun dear!

  3. i travelled a lot too... and last year i took diploma in islamic studies (part time) to make myself busy and at the same time i learn't alot :)

  4. i jammed with my band/with my hubby.and we joined charity activities with our small group of friends yang selalu organize aktiviti2 lawatan ke rumah2 wargatua/rumah OKU/rumah anakyatim, dan sbgnya. benda2 ni memang akan buat kita terus lupa pasal nak TTC sebab orang lain ada masalah&dugaan lagi besar dari kita yang just ber-TTC ni. :)
    ada satu benda nak try, nak beli PS and main game dgn hubby kat umah! ;P

  5. dulu i xde blog. my blog was created sbb nk distract myself from this endless issue. so far berjaya! ;)

    also , I make a point to spend time hanging out wit single friends. kekadang lupa yg diri tu dh kawen. hehe.


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