Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Really 5 days?

B&C: I bleed for 10 days, every month without fail


  1. hahahaha. funny one!!! seriously u bleed 10hari? lama ek? i plg lama 5days. tu pn last 2 days malu2 ayam je kluar. pakai pantiliner je.

  2. please dont hate ur vagina for bleeding every month. if it bleeds every month, u have a healthy system, and vagina. i hate my vagina for NOT bleeding and (not pregnant either). dont hate ur vagina bcoz im dying to have a normal vagina which have a normal cycle and bleed every month, atleast i know im normal and can get pregnant soon. but if it doesnt bleed and not carrying anything? then u should hate it, and fuck it. hehehehe btullll niiii....nnt ur vagina majokkkk tau ;P hahaha

  3. Oh dear... Mine usually 10 - 14.... Normal during 1-5 and just little spotting until the 14th. But after the operation, on the spot dah abis by day 5... But as Jay said, at least we have it every month :-) syukur...

  4. Yannie: 5 hari je? Fuhh..saya 5 hari heavy lagi..

    JayFarhana: Macamana tak f**k, dah la lama, takde hasil lak tu...hahhaa..lantak la..dah tak heran dah ada hasil tak da hasil..Patut mula bersyukur..Alhamdulillah ada juga darah haid

    SweethTooth: Syukur juga..Day 5 habis awal juga la..saya hari kelima masih rasa keletihan yg amat sebab banyak sangat keluar


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