Wednesday, 5 October 2011

These are harsh; not recommended

Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully.  ~Max Eastman


Although there are flooding of mommy blogs, I still found that the un-mommy blogs are humorous in talking about bomb questions.  Especially after raya celebration, the bomb questions is the central main issues in blog writing, be it "Bila nak kahwin?" "Bila nak beranak?" "Kenapa tak beranak?" "Takde kerja lain asyik mengandung je?" "Kerja mana?" "Gaji berapa?" "Beli rumah dah?" etc etc the list goes on.

I've read some blogs and what caught my attention is the FAQs in Raya.

I am so intrigued reading those blogs because they talked about the bomb questions that I (and you) hate. Their answers are extremely hillarious (at least for me).

Let me modify the answer based on our situation (For those who want to try this, these are harsh you know..)

When Lady Annoying rub your belly, and asked "Dah ada isi?"
We can answer. "Ada. Lemak. Nak sikit?"
We can answer, "Tak tahu. Tak ada scanner nak tengok isi perut ni."
We can answer, "Takde." and we rub  back their belly and asked back "Dalam ni baby ke lemak?"

When Lady Annoying make statement with question like this, "Tak ada anak lagi?/ "Tak ngandung lagi?"
Dengan muka seposen but sarcastically we can say, "Tak..apa nak buat, tak subur macam awak(/makcik)"
With the same face expression, we can say "Tak..tak reti buat anak macam awak. Awak terer.." (sambil senyum sindir..-ini mesti buat..haha..)

Modified from Jebonisme
If they ask, "Dah ngandung?"
We say, "Dah, due 31st February next year"
If they reply Alhamdulillah, they are stupid stupid stupid

If they ask "Merancang ke?"
We can say, "Ha'ah, sebab nak travel oversea next month"

Q: Takde anak lagi?
A: Tak. Saya mandul makcik..
I don't recommend this. Imagine if you say it for 40 times. God Forbid!

All of the answer above will make them a little bit annoyed, and they may say "Laa..cakap je la tak pregnant"
We can say "Next year la saya beranak, ada budak leceh la..."

I warned you kan..It harsh.

Harsh, tapi saya nak try.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rumah kemas pun sempat nak perli lagi?

Everyone like something beautiful, sweet and attractive. I like my home to be neat and tidy, always. My home is my heaven where I put a lot of effort to make it as a 'home sweet home'. I dont want my home to be just a house with people live in without soul inside. I like my home to be the calmness centre for me and my husband. In spare time, I like to decorate my home, it is just a small rental house, but i transform it into a home. I still remember when i step in for the first time, this house is like a cave. I'm not blaming the landlord, i just blaming the tenant before us because she was a single woman live alone.

I transformed the home with the minimal cost as possible, be it new small furniture like cofee table or stand lamp or other small decoration to live up the surrounding. It turned very well from the original shape.. Kawan2 my husband used to come to our house to visit my husband, and they talked about their wife, the uncreative, lazy and uninterested wife in home interior.

My neighbour who i used to write about her, came several times to my home, and she kept saying to her son who just not even 1 year,

"Tengok, rumah aunty ni kemas, sebab dia tak ada anak"

At first, i just ignored the saying. But when it is kept repeated, i feel disgusted. Ok, why should my home disarray like your house?

Ironically and secretly, she did also try to transform her house like mine but to no avail. In other words, she is not creative and I can see she doesn't have ability to play around with the home decoration, let alone to decorate it in a modern way. She did put some decorations but the home turned out like cheap colourful nursery. Too much efforts spoil the house. With hyperactive son, she is not able to make her home like mine although the furniture in her house is newer.

I like my home to be nice, neat and tidy. And i can keep it because i have no child, yet.

And you?

You just can daydreaming to have a nice house as you add up your family members with second child.

Kesian..lain kali jangan nak mengata rumah orang kalau dalam hati teringin..

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