Saturday, 1 October 2011

Rumah kemas pun sempat nak perli lagi?

Everyone like something beautiful, sweet and attractive. I like my home to be neat and tidy, always. My home is my heaven where I put a lot of effort to make it as a 'home sweet home'. I dont want my home to be just a house with people live in without soul inside. I like my home to be the calmness centre for me and my husband. In spare time, I like to decorate my home, it is just a small rental house, but i transform it into a home. I still remember when i step in for the first time, this house is like a cave. I'm not blaming the landlord, i just blaming the tenant before us because she was a single woman live alone.

I transformed the home with the minimal cost as possible, be it new small furniture like cofee table or stand lamp or other small decoration to live up the surrounding. It turned very well from the original shape.. Kawan2 my husband used to come to our house to visit my husband, and they talked about their wife, the uncreative, lazy and uninterested wife in home interior.

My neighbour who i used to write about her, came several times to my home, and she kept saying to her son who just not even 1 year,

"Tengok, rumah aunty ni kemas, sebab dia tak ada anak"

At first, i just ignored the saying. But when it is kept repeated, i feel disgusted. Ok, why should my home disarray like your house?

Ironically and secretly, she did also try to transform her house like mine but to no avail. In other words, she is not creative and I can see she doesn't have ability to play around with the home decoration, let alone to decorate it in a modern way. She did put some decorations but the home turned out like cheap colourful nursery. Too much efforts spoil the house. With hyperactive son, she is not able to make her home like mine although the furniture in her house is newer.

I like my home to be nice, neat and tidy. And i can keep it because i have no child, yet.

And you?

You just can daydreaming to have a nice house as you add up your family members with second child.

Kesian..lain kali jangan nak mengata rumah orang kalau dalam hati teringin..


  1. tu la tu, kalo pasal kita... apa saja... mesti org kaitkan dgn anak.
    Bleh gi holiday selalu - sbb takde anak.
    Kalo mengantuk - eh, apsal ngantuk, bkn ada anak.
    Bleh gi tgk wayang - sbb takde anak.

    Heh! macam anak la menybbkan derang jadi tersekat. d way, ni url blog kekda yg baru. kekda da bagi ke blum ah?

  2. nmpk sgt tak ikhlasnye die tuh.. ptt mendoakan kita bukan perli2 cik kak..

  3. hi there! just clicked ur link from my fren's blog (makemeconceived.blogspot) im going to follow ur blog from now on!!

    yeah, my house is not so neat tapi me&my hubby slalu keluar lepak2 dgn kwn2, mcm org bujang. ade je org ckp "oh die takde anak patutlah leh lepak2"

    ko jeles kan sbb ko takleh? huhohoho....
    boring kan org2 mcm ni,stuju dgn puanstoberi atas ni gak. huhuh

    my blog

  4. habaq kat dia..hang jeles ka? saya pun mcmtu gak.jawapan yg sama sbb dia xde anak..boleh g holiday.. yela ko xde anak nak tgok2kan.boleh tgk wayang n bla bla sbb ko xde anak..heay other people can do it..why cant you? semua tu sifat2 envy saja.abaikan.doakan semoga dia berubah.hehe

  5. Kekda: Ha'ah kan Kekda..semua benda yang best semua orang nak kaitkan dengan anak..bengang betul la.

    Sepasang Kurung Biru: alah saya rasa dia jeles tu..tapi tak payah la nak perli2 macam tu.

    Jay Farhana: Haha..memang bunyi jeles tu..dah tak boleh tu diam2 je la kan..nak perli2 pulak

    MahuJadiIbu: tu la, saya tengok ramai je orang anak ramai rumah kemas, g travel selalu, tapi cool je..diorang ni tak mampu tu nak jeles dengan kita


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