Saturday, 13 August 2011

Reffered. Again.

I went to the govt hospital as reffered by the clinic. I met a doctor, obviously not from Malaysia. He asked me to uncover my hijab to see the lump. He also asked me several questions regarding my neck lump. FYI, i carry this lump for one and half month. He read all my my report from two previous doctor, one from the clinic and one from private hospital. The doctor asked me to do a blood test. He also talking about medical insurance, asked me if i have medical insurance because the CT scan will cost hundreds. I, don't have any.

How much the cost of CT scan actually? It is only below 1k, i think i can afford it. But if it is over than 1k, i think i should buy medical insurance from now. 

The blood test, i believe, normally will be taken only from one arm and once only. But in my case they took two from my two arms, one for the experiment for the doctor trainee and one from the MA. I can't believed it happened, who said needle and human skin is a perfect combo?! Pfft..

I brought the blood test result to the doctor and the doctor said my blood test is normal. He reffered me to the main hospital in my town to see the specialist from Orthopedic and Surgery a month from now. He prescribed me no medication and no MC despite i having a fever and sore throat.

For godsake, it is just a lump. It is impossible they tell me what happened actually..?


  1. Omaigod.siannya awk.saya pun tak tau bape kos ct scan dan kalu benda ni jd kat saya.confirm saya menggelabah sbb saya sendiri tak de insuran.apa yg boleh saya ckp kan be strong.smoga cpt sembuh

  2. Memang unexpected la..thanks for ur concern..


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