Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Reffered again

I never thought that my neck lump would be this serious. I thought the doctor just wanna make more money for asking me to do some tests so that they can charged me for being naive.

I went to the clinic this afternoon, and I was so..I don't know what the best word can describe my feeling but it just so many things are beyong expectation happened to me..I was numb and feel no more emotion after i heard the doctor reffered me again. This time she wrote the letter to the government hospital as I am the government servant. The doctor warned me that i will face the long queue and procedure but that's the only option because she didn't want to take risk for government servant like me.. At first she suspected me having thyroid but there is no solid component in my lump. She suspecting that it related with my salivary glands..

I hope it's nothing serious.

Oh Ya Allah, guide my steps, your're the only one can show me the way..- InsyaAllah by Maher Zain 


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