Wednesday, 24 August 2011

No babymaking on Raya

A period is just the beginning of a lifelong sentence.  ~Cathy Crimmins

I don't think I will get pregnant in these two or three months. My cycle for this month is the shortest I ever experienced. So, i lost my count on when will be my ovulation period. If I count based on average (11th until 16th), it will fall on Raya week. It is impossible for babymaking while we are spending most of our time on the wheel, as our Raya holiday is so short and our hometowns take hours in journey. Plus, we are travelling a lot to attend our friends' wedding. Guess what will be the bomb question to us..? Hahha.. And not to mention we have to catch up our flight to go back to our small crib..Pheewww!!

But it's ok, I'll hoping no more after this. Will TTC back on Oct I think. I want to reduce my weight like Kak Irtiyah and boost my appearance, confidence level and my image, putting more make up, consume more supplements, more frequent visit to facial and salon and spa, to live life, to the fullest.


  1. tula lepas raya boleh cuba pun sama.tapi kalau if i count it right, after raya holiday is my fertile pun tgah tunggu makcik dtg..selamat hari raya ye..:)

  2. i think i want to join the weight loss campaign as well. 5 bulan try, tp 1 kilo pun tak turun2. maintane je.

    geramm tulll

  3. jom semua... meh kita concentrate loosing some weight plak for a change :-)hehehhehe

  4. MahuJadiIbu: ur rezeki! semoga berjaya ya..doakan kami juga

    S: Memang geram, maybe our metabolism rate dah turun..takpun, sebab kita stress of TTC ni. tapi takpela, pasni kita cuba lagi

    Sweeth Tooth: i think nak start jugak working on wight loss, nak get up from this miserable TTC. I nak join weight loss campaign

  5. chaiyo!chaiyo! lepas ni boleh jadi mama yg slim dan anggun :)


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