Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Neck lump & Miss Annoying

In the midst of the super busy and the agony of infertile soul, i having this neck lump. It started about a month ago and i just ignored it. I thought it just about the bruise or side effect of trying the new make-up kit and skincare. Plus, one of the 'miss annoying' put her fingers into my compact powder, so jakun of looking at my compact powder. I called her Miss Annoying for being such an annoying lady of asking me about pregnancy, baby bump and what-nots. I thought her dirty finger did made this bacteria infection.

Back to the story, i went to the clinic and the doctor just gave me an antibiotics. I consumed the medicine but to no avail. The lump make my face weird and funny and sometimes scary. The doctor asked me if i have family with cyst. The word cyst made me worry. Then, i went to another clinic and the doctor referred me to the hospital to do the ultrasound.

The radiologist told me the lump consist a lot of water. He cannot trace the real problem of the lump and reffered me back to the previous doctor to do CT scan.


I plan to go to the clinic tomorrow. It is because this morning i and the mentioned above Miss Annoying visiting our colleague who just gave birth 12 days ago. She just came back from the clinic, with her mid-wife. She looked so pale because she have to going through her confinement alone with her husband. No assistance from her mother or mother-in-law. I don't feel annoyed visiting her as she is very decent lady, not snobby about her pregnancy, never asked me why i'm not pregnant, never showed to people that she is very special because she is pregnant, and that's why i don't mind accompany Miss Annoying to go to her house. The first thing Miss Annoying asked about the furniture in her house, and said pity to her because she gave birth thru caesarean. Bodoh betul la dia ni sebab tak pernah fikir perasaan orang.

Miss Annoying kissed the baby and asked me to do the same thing but i refused. And she dumbly said to me we will get pahala kiss the baby because the baby have zero sin. If it is true, I don't want to follow her advice. The Miss Annoying is just getting married and is so confident she will get pregnant after the first time intercourse, but in three months, still no sign. The first menstruation after marriage made her like 'meroyan' but she put the blame on me asking me why i don't want a baby, am i never want a baby, why i never plan about getting baby and suddenly she intend to further study in Master like me. Now, no sign, no intention to register to the postgrad centre or anything related about further study. I think that Miss Annoying get her karma, and i thank to Allah for that. Because currently she feel the same feeling we are facing right now.


  1. God is great - macam petikan dari filem Slumdog Millionaire..

  2. Really annoying la Miss Annoying tu...

  3. Sweet Tooth: huh, memang annoying..macam takde akal je..

  4. Tuhan Maha Adil kan.. jgn ckp besar

    BnC, insyaAllah, ada rezeki kita nnt =)


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