Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jangan berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah

Tadi husband buka Astro Ramadhan dan rancangan dari Studio 1 bersama Yasin menjengah perhatian. For me, karya-karya Yasin is comparable with M. Nasir. He is a great composer with his own identity. The combination of the lyrics and Middle East melody sounds great provided his voice is given by Allah to bounce the song perefectly. I am so mesmerized by his performance and do nothing except being a couch potato.

In between of the songs, he quote one of the Quranic verse:
"Jangan berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah. Jika kamu berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah, kamu hilang segala-galanya."

Ia menyedarkan diriku yang lupa, alpa dan putus asa.

Thank you Allah for the small yet infinite reminder.

P/S: Tahniah buat Lady Mira. You deserve that girl.


  1. tq bnc. Never loose hope okay!

  2. Never loose hope..congratulation Lady Mira..ur stories are inspiring


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