Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It is beyond our control

When people noticed and said something about my weight gain, I know they not meant well. It's not that i always thinked negative about people but the next question is always tagged along related with pregnancy, which annoyed me. I thought that people will give us the TTCian a tiny room to breath, a little space to live. But, as we know, they will never understand. They keep demanding to us to become like them. It's not that we don't want a child but the rezki is not arrived yet.

Everytime I called my mum, she keep updating me with a lot of pregnancy and status-upgrade news from my friends in my hometown. Some of her friend are making faces heard me being childless while their son/daughter had moved to the next stage.

If we are illiterate, we can learn
If we are stupid, we will study
If we are not pretty, we will beautify our skin and face with the latest technology
If we are poor, we will workd harder to become rich
If we are having any disease, we will try any cure
If we can't get pregnant, it is beyond our control..

Currently I agitating on Raya celebration. Raya celebration means the family will get together and updating each other. And, I don't know how to answer the 'annoying' questions from them, let alone their advice of baby making in the so-called 'pasti-jadi-anak' position. I don't want to hear "Tak ngandung lagi ye? Ada anak best tau!" from my sister/brother in-laws/uncles/aunties/unrelated relatives.. Can I replied "Best? Lecehlah!"?

I don't want to celebrate Raya in that way.



  1. i hate raya so much! sgt ok. lagik2 bile tepk nk kene balik hubby's kg which surely akan bising mulut MIL and relatives pasal da dekat 2thn kawen takde anak lagik. ishhhhh...

    tarik rambut

  2. I pun balik kampung hubby..dah la tahun lepas balik semua bising takde anak..raya tahun ni entah apa la mereka nak cakap lagi

  3. raya will be another problems in our life now....sebab tu taun ni takde mood langsung nak raya...ape pun tak prepare..baik baju raya ke kuih raya ke..apa saje yg berkaitna raya

  4. i slalu jawab mcm ni... kalau org tanya.. ckp je 'isi lemak je byk'.. pastu buat muka cool.. so org akan gelak2 .. kita pon takde la tensen sgt.. sbb mulut org kita takleh ctrl.. diri kita je kita boleh ctrl.. we cannot change ppl but we can turn the situation to a more 'positive' 1.. try la (tp perut kene buncit skit la.. kalau jenis2 skinny takleh la guna ayat ni.. hihi)

  5. Honeylily: Betul. Mula2 memanglah excited, in the end, bila dah nak tidur mesti rasa sedih nape orang cakap macam tu

    Nanoke: Betul..Saya rasa saya patut ikut tips ni..memang saya jenis agak sentap sikit la..

  6. Dear all,

    i think most of us cepat sentap when it comes to year 1 after akad nikah, with no babies yet kan? bcoz ive been in ur shoes too, tahun pertama nak masuk kedua paling sentap. tapi skang dah nak masuk tahun ketiga i started to collect all answers yg might insult them back, so that they wont ask the question again. raya tahun ini bila orang tanya "Tak pregnant lagi ke?" memang i jawap "SALAH KE?" terus diorg la salah..just tanye je..mane la tau dah ngandung ke..heheh..."
    "kalau dah mengandung kenapa?"
    "takde ape..bagus la..kalau belum usaha la lagi"

    duhhhh, so what if tahun ke 3,4,5 pun belum pregnant lagi, adakah they will keep asking the question?
    benci kan kadang2.


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