Saturday, 9 July 2011

This is so pretty damn cool!

I just found this web where we can pin our interest and see others interest. I found a lot of cute and cool pictures.{drool}. Berangan- i want to do the similar pose for my newborn photoshoot. Credit to the owner of this photo Chris Tee (link to the pinterest of Chris Tee, you also can see his other cute and sweet interest. Ah, I will die for this kind of photoshoot although it will cost arm and leg, come hell or high water i will never give up.

Ohoho bersatulah wahai sperm and ovum so mummy can hug you and kiss you and we will strolling at the lake at our residential area with your tutu skirt or cute mini vest, and not forget your little cute mini shoes. Please.Please. Again please...

To all TTC blogger friends, break a leg! InsyaAllah..


  1. eheheh...sgt comel gambar2 tu...geyamnyeeee..saya doakan smoga en sperm dapat cari cik ovum ye :) gud luck

  2. Good Luck juga untuk eKa..geram juga tengok pics tu


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