Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It is normal?

In my darkest hours, I cannot foresee, that the time can turn so fast to this degree
-Our Solemn Hour, by WT and Black Symphony

It is normal if the sperm of a husband getting out from our vagina after making love? I have this problem. I asked my husband but he know much less about woman reproduction biology.

After the baby making process, i have to lay down about an hour so that the sperm can stay a little bit longer in my vagina. But it does not stop there, i have to wear pantiliners throughout the day after making love because the remaining sperm will go out until my pantiliners and my panties is wet. Plus, as soon as the penetration is over, the sperm will go out from mine, immediately after my husband took his thing from mine.

I read that the time the wife is having her climax, the vagina and her uterus/(womb? - i'm not sure) will widen more to facilitate the sperm to swim further to conceive. I also read that if the woman tighthen her leg or vagina without her will when making love with her husband, it is possibly because of 'gangguan jin'..

I am ashamed to ask this to the doctor.


  1. saya pun camtu la...sperm tu akn kuar blk setiap kali ehem2...sumtime en somi jenuh tutup dgn tgn nak suh sperm dia masuk balik.eheheh

  2. itu ke reason kita still tak pregnant yet? nak tanya doktor tapi malu

  3. Hi, i dunno much about gangguan jin.but as for the sperm leaking out is normal but i think too much is not normal. I would recomend u too mengurut as i did a few cycle back. It helps to keep the sperm in...hehehe but i x pregnant pun.

    I also heard that for some ppl,the reason x pregnant is actually that lah,but as for me,maybe i ade penyakit lain kot.

    Anyway best of luck!!! Insyaallah one day Allah will grant us with the greatest gift of all.amin

  4.'s normal dear.. A friend of mine who got pregnant like after she married (bunting pelamin) also had the same experience :) Some 'petua' to increase the odds - masa bersama tu letak bantal kat bawah punggung. (it never work for me, but who knows kan?)

  5. hai...

    actually yang keluar tu bukan sperm. yang keluar tu sebenarnya, air / kantung yang membawa sperm bila lelaki ejaculates. lepas dia dah lepaskan semen dia inside the vagina, air/kantungan tu yang akan mengalir keluar. masa tu sperm will be inside swimming to find the ovum :)

    sharing is caring :)

  6. Oh thanks semua ya..appreciate all those info


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