Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dealing with moron

I think I should stop chasing and playing around with others' babies. It is because their parents assumed me as 'the unclucky one' and longing desperately for babies up to the point I shamelessly playing with their babies with excitement. Well, who doesn't?

I chatting with one of the unclose colleague of mine. She come from Borneo and I , just want to being nice,  having conversation with her. It became longer and our topic jumped to spice and herbs. I just being nice asking the difference between Borneo confinement with our normal confinement. She deliberately asked me if i'm pregnant but immediately I replied 'No. I just wanna asked about the spice and herbs that can make me less tired. I always tired'. She explained to me that as long as i'm not having birth yet, the spice and herbs like makjun or manjakani should be avoided, otherwise, i will not having any baby. She asked me if i took any herbs and traditional medicines before get married and i said 'Yes'. The thing that left me dissapointed when she said to me 'Patutlah lambat beranak. Tengok akak ni, walaupun dah anak dua tapi perut kempis lagi. Petuanya jangan minum ais.'..I said,'ha'ah, sebab tu la saya lambat beranak'

She asked me another thing, 'do you took any 'pills'? I know what she meant by 'pills'. To push away the grudge I said Yes. She looked numb for a while and I continued, "I need to, sebab belum berani, saya belum habis lagi belajar saya.". The astonished look appear more and asking "Master ke?" I replied "Ha'ah".
And, all the brag stop there. To sugarcoat her stupidity, she said "emmm..benda ni semua kuasa Tuhan.."

The other day, the other colleague who just finished her confinement brought her daughter to the office and I kissed her daughter who have a pipi labuh and teasing with her. Calmly and sarcastically, the mother asked me "awak bila lagi...?"..Without hesitant, i replied, "Saya kena tunggu habis belajar.." Silent...The mother brought her baby to other place. Hm..

Yes, i should stop playing with others' babies. I thought the mother understand people like us well but they don't .

I'm not snobbing around with my education background, but those questions and advice are unwelcome. Actually, instead of saying about my education background as a reason of late pregnancy, i think i want to say to all of them,

"You are stupid moron!"

Same goes to other people who say this to us,

"Suka minum air gas, patutlah tak ngandung-ngandung"
"Makan jeruk? Tak nak anak ke?"
"Asyik berjalan je, macamana nak lekat.."
"Sedekah la sikit gaji tu, mana tahu Tuhan bagi anak lepas ni.."
"Ni asyik jalan ni honeymoon kali ke berapa?Takkan tak ada hasil kot"
"Err..nanti ada berita gembira beritahu ya, announce kat FB" (boleh blah!)

Tell them,
"You are stupid moron!"


  1. hi dear..i thinks all TTCians encounter the same scenario each n every time..sedih kan orang nak relate belajar tinggi ngan takde baby..if we can choose i think most of us will choose baby over master's degree tu..

  2. Lady Mira: thanks..cuma melepaskan tekanan perasaan geram

    S: dah tak tahu nak kata apa dah.hati terluka

    Nana Aris: sedih sangat2..rasa macam teruknya diri ini bila orang cakap macam tu..


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