Monday, 9 May 2011

You should pray for a sound mind in a sound body

-Juvenal ((55AD - 127 AD), Satires-

Actually at the end of last year, i went to one of the bomoh/ people called him 'orang yang pandai' in invisible things i.e. mystic because i had experiencing in hard pain of menstruation thrice a year. It was very very extreme pain or i can call it agony to extent i can't walk, i can't eat, i can't stand up, just rolling up in beds until i sleep in tiredness. I tried all the pills, panadol soluble, iron, but to no avail. People call him Haji N and I went to his house with my husband. I told him my problem and he asked us to buy 7 types of different flowers with different colours, and many more. He bathed me with those flowers on Friday night in Maghrib. He said the evil things will came out naturally and gave some pantang larang in about a week until a month. After that i never experiencing the agony of menstruation. I did feel pain but i still can go to work.

I thought I'm clean.. Until i read the entry from this blog "Nak pregnant". Thanks also to this blog of "Bila Hati Berkata-kata" i found a link to Darul Ruqyah and the first link I saw is "Tanda-tanda gangguan". I found
that the 'gangguan' are somewhat i'm facing right now.. Am I can't get pregnant because of something evil inside my body? Let me copy and paste the link from the Darul Ruqyah.

 Ketika Tidur
  • Susah tidur (nope. I'm very very easy in sleeping department, I'm a sleeping beauty and sleeping champion)
  • Mudah terjaga malam (nope. I tidur mati unless i dream falling from tall building)
  • Mimpi binatang berbisa seperti ular, singa, unta dll (seldomly)
  • Ketawa, menangis, menjerit, bunyi gigi berlaga ketika tidur (Yes, but not every night. I read some articles in health magazine that the 'bunyi gigi berlaga' is called bruxism. I thought it is normal)
  • Mimpi jatuh tempat tinggi (Repetitively. I always dream falling from very tall building, like commiting suicide without i know the reason behind it. I will shock and awake from my sleeping. I also always dream that i falling from the big bridge into the big sea. Sometimes i dream about falling from the tall ladder or tall stairs)
  • Melihat benda tajam (seldomly)
  • Mimpi melihat budak kecil (bayi). (Repetitively. It happened in my engagement period and continuing until today. I always told my husband about it and we are so 'perasan' that the bouncing and cherubic babies in my dreams are our future babies,since i saw they resembling my husband's face and my skin. They are twins, one girl and one boy, one is active and one is quite pessimist. We even put the name to them and every time I dream about them i'm in euphoria expecting that i will pregnant. However here am i, writing in this blog waiting the dreams come true.)
  • Mimpi salib atau paderi (seldomly)
Ketika Jaga
  • Lesu, malas, hilang semangat (They are my middle name)
  • Sesak nafas, gila (never)
  • Lenguh sendi-sendi utama (never)
  • Ketumbuhan (cancer) (never)
  • Selalu mengantuk (Also my middle name. All my friends laughing me for this thing)
  • Mudah marah, hilang darah (I didn't think so, but my students telling me otherwise)
  • Agresif dan bertindak liar (nope)
DR : Sekiranya terdapat tanda-tanda berikut, segeralah ke Pusat Rawatan untuk pemeriksaan selanjutnya

Knowing this made me even dissapointed. In my residential town, it is so hard to find any pious or religious people who are aficionado in this area. It is so hard for me to book flight ticket to find Darul Syifa' or any other Islamic treatment. I'll never give up. I will do everything.From now.

My mum always telling me analogically that something evil reside in my body. She, like my grandma is quite superstitious but she still can accept the secientific explanation. She told me that something evil inside my aunty's body and her cousin made them very hard in their way to earn more rezki. Both of them are very skillful person and not arrogant, but still,whatever they are doing, tehy will facing big hurdles and tribulations.They admit they facing the above signs and now they are so malas to entertain the gangguan anymore.

Same goes to me, in fact I am a very good student academically and fast learner. I got many awards due to my achievement in academic, thanks to Allah for giving me a good brain. However, what people don't know that i always lose my big opportunities although Allah widen the way. Mum told me that the people with evil inside their body is slightly difficult to achieve success and calmness in their life, plus they will facing the big big hindrance through their way. It is true? With this situation, i am somewhat believe my mum. I will go back to my hometown for another study things and can talk with my mum only from 12.30 midnight till 6.00am..{sigh}. I want to wish to her Happy Mothers Day and ask her pray to me so i receieved the same wish from my children too..dengan lukisan orang lidi..Total bliss. {Dreaming} 

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