Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pregnancy after solemnization = manhood?

More people become educated, more people were sent overseas by scholarship, more people become mature, more people get access to enormous and loads of information, but still they are some people who are said above still have narrow minded.

I know it is very late to give my opinion, but the above excerpt is just an example taken from popular entertainment website. It is common knowledge that the blog owner is graduated from foreign institution, which i believe is more open minded. I read several announcement of celebrities get pregnant after the solemnization which always come along with the phrase of 'power, manhood, tembak tepat' and the other similar phrases.All the phrases are giving the message that  'pregnancy right after solemnization is the proof that the husband is man enough. And it make me loathe those are thinking in that way, not to mention they are so heartless.

So we are not pregnant yet, are husband not having his manhood? Tak power? Tembak tak tepat? They write all those things which most of them are not married yet and they are like so damn fu*king sure that they / their future wife will get pregnant after they 'tembak tepat' because they are 'man enough' and 'power'.

Don't they know that anak is a rezki from Allah..? It is the way you educate and lead your children and family define your manhood, not the quantity of your children or how cute your children are. Mereka tidak pandai menjaga hati dan perasaan manusia kah? It is okay if sometimes i have a guts to pray to Allah that they will face what we are facing right now? No, Allah do not answer that kind of prayer.

I just voice out my opinion and i do not welcome any argument

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