Monday, 2 May 2011

Oh husband, I'm sorry

As usual I came back from work, i kissed and hugged my husband. I told him " I miss you..". He replied "I miss you too..". We laughed and joked coyly and hugged again.In his arms, he asked me softly, "I want children.When will we have a baby..?". I'm not astonished by his temerity, but instead i answered "I don't know..I'm sorry.."

Me: Abang why you suddenly want children?
Him: I don't know, i just want a baby.
Me: Do you want to prove your manhood?
Him: Sort of
Me: If i'm barren, will you be married another one?
Him: If the situation force me to do so, i will
Me: Hm..of course will ashamed of childless
Him: Yepp..
Me: I don't mind.I give my consent.
Him: Don't think a lot about it, we can still try. It actually the last choice.

Me: I pity you
Him: Why?
Me: You pay a lot for my dowry yet I give you nothing
Him: (silent)
Me: You chased me for several freaking years, do everything for me but..
Him: Be patience



  1. aduh..
    Ya Allah, kurniakan lah pasangan ini zuriat yang soleh dan solehah.. amin..

    sangat terharu..

  2. mengalir air mata bila baca entry ni.. sabar dear.. sesungguhnya yg terbaik itu dr Allah..

  3. Sabar. Itulah yang paling payag dan itulah jua yang harus ditempuhi..InsyaAllah..


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