Friday, 6 May 2011

First consultation with the specialist

In this matters, the only certainty is that nothing is certain
Pliny the Elder

Last week, i searching online the fertility or women specialist in my residential area. This town is not like KL where you can choose the expensive or the inexpensive one, i mean private hospital or general hospital. No LPPKN in this town. There are only 2 private hospital and 1 specialist clinic, but i decided to go to the one of the private hospital. I was accompanied by my husband. I was never thought that i will have to go through this thing i.e. fertility treatment. I chose this hopsital because it was operating in the public holiday so i can arranged my appointment

I was a bit nervous but a bit relieved that at last i know if something go wrong with my reproduction system. The doctor was so cool and i did scan things to see through my womb. He asked me if we did babydancing last night and i said yes. The doctor replied "good, good".(I thought my ovulation day is a tad earlier). However the doctor gave my ovulation days where we should do our babymaking. I was wrong in my calculation because i relied on the ovulation calendar in the internet while i don't know my luteal phase. The doctor suggested to us to do our 'project' that night and the other night.

Doctor gave me Chlomid, the fertility medicine for me to consume on the 2nd until 5th days of my coming period (if the babymaking is not successful). The doctor also asked my husband to give his sperm sample later. I asked the doctor if anything wrong with my reproduction system like cyst or fibroid but gladly to hear that my reproduction system is okay. If babymaking is not success this cycle, the doctor recommended to us to go to the next stage which he want to scan for my tiub fallopio jika ada saluran yang tersumbat and jika perlu ada minor operation untuk memotong saluran tersumbat.

I asked the doctor if i can consume folic acid. He explained to me that folic acid prevent birth defects but have little contribution on the prevention. But, he asked me to consume 1 unit per day, instead of the pharmacist told me 3 unit per day whic lead to my unexpected weight gain (but it depend on the quantity, i read it should be 5mg per day and increased the quantity after confirmation of the pregnancy).

All of the blink-of-an-eye consultation cost us RM 198.


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  1. :)

    At least 1st time da buat kan. good luck yer yunk.

  2. tu la..selama ni rasa doubtful kalau2 ada apa2 problem. at least 1st stage ni dah lepas..nak tunggu next stage pulak


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