Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly as to the mind as to the body
-Joseph Addison-

I just finished my dinner, KFC with Coke, the TTC most food-to-be avoided. I sip the coke hesitantly and ask my husband if it is ok i drink it. My hubby told me it is ok darling, remember Kun Fayakun..? And i throw the empty paper cup to the dustbin. Hm..puas rasanya, sebab sebelum ni pantang makan fast food. But now, i am redha and pasrah for what we going through.

Last weekend, we went to the medical center i mentioned before, for the second stage. I was a bit lazy and hoped that my husband said 'it's ok, tak nak buat pun tak apa'. But my husband insisted to do his part, checking if the infertility comes from his side. We did made love and and it was so hard and sweating to make love with that kind of situation .i.e. put the sperm into container provided by the medical center. No, it was not fun anymore. We were rushing to the medical center, because the doctor asked us to bring the sperm within one hour. We gave the sperm sample to the lab, and the lab worker told us that they have to wait for 2 hours for the sperm to dissolve into liquid.

We went to Starbucks and enjoying our ice blended, the croissant, the apple pie. The medical centre called me and the doctor gave the report. However, my husband didn't satisfied and we heading to the medical centre and consulted with the doctor. The doctor showed us the report. The volume of the sperm is normal, the movement of the sperm is normal and other things (i can't understand) is normal except the population of the sperm in one mililiter. The normal population is about 20millions but the report shows that it about 13million per mililiter. The doctor consulted to husband to quit smoking. He didn't gave me Clomid but prescribed my husband the Andriol (same function as Clomid but for men), to increase the population of the sperm. The doctor calculated my ovulation days and asked us to come again if this cycle we still can't make it.

Being a man, my husband took it unseriously, he told me that his friends making babies although they are heavy smoker. My husband also quite relieved that both of us are not having serious problem, except the fate is not shower the rainbow on us, yet. Oh the cost..almost RM300.

I read one of the famous blogger, who is same age with me, avoid pregnancy due to her study commitment, but she announce that she is pregnant with week 7.

And now, am i being left alone..?

B & C


  1. dear, ramai jugak yg zana dgr kalau nak ada baby elakkan/stop dr merokok.. mmg ada yg merokok but still wife boleh mengandung.. tp semua tu usaha kita kan.. maybe ada cara utk pujuk husband utk lebih fikir perkara ni..

    zana doakan yg terbaik utk u & husband k..

  2. Itulah zana..berusaha jugalah..kalau cakap direct confirm dia terasa..ni larang dia berkias2 dan bergurau2 je..

    Thanks ya..saya pun doakan yang terbaik untuk Zana..

  3. Eh. cemana kakreen leh terlepas entry ni. Asben kakreen pun poblem bih kuang sama ngan asben BnC (1/3 je sperm yg bbetul berquality) tp doc blum prescribed any ubat until kiterang nak wat IUI.
    So, skang kita manual je lah.
    Tu yg akak pikir, walo 1/3, ianya still berjuta-juta. dan dlm juta2 tu takkan satu pun tak mengena kan?

    apa pun, betul, Kun Fa Ya Kun.

  4. Ya Kak Reen, kadang2 terpikir payah sangat ke nak bersatu telur dan sperm tu sedangkan berjuta-juta yang ada..Doktor pun cakap kalau sperm kurang jangan risau sangat sebab nak pregnant perlu satu je...

    Kun Fayakun..tak tercapai dek akal, semuanya kuasa Tuhan


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