Friday, 29 April 2011

Surrounded by preggy mom

  • I am surrounded by preggy moms in my office. And that hurts me.
  • Most of them are younger than me. The girl sit next to me is announcing her pregancy after we were trapped by unexpected and dangerous event. She just married for a month.
  • The girl sit in front of me proudly telling everyone that she did the scan things and fulfill the wish of her husband - get a son.
  • The girl sit behind me with 2 months pregnancy, selling the romper, busha, stockings and shoes for baby. When the other surround  her to do their bargain and enjoying the cuteness of those baby things, i just keep quiet pretending i am busy.
  • My friend, who do her Master like me, just got married at the end of last year, a year later than me, got pregnant of 4 months. 
  • I used to try to intefere and sometimes interupt their conversation about their children and baby in their belly, but one of them said this to me "dia tak tahu sebab dia tak rasa lagi...". I was so offended and decided to remain silent. Lantaklah anak mereka nak tunggang terbalik ke malas aku nak concern lagi dah. It is true but can you arrange another sweet sentence and word?
  • My neighbour used making faces like 'why i am not pregnant, infertile maybe, any problem'. She always asked me if i have a bun in the oven but i replied negative. And yesterday she announced to me that she will have a second baby girl.
  • I know they didn't mean anything but why suddenly i feel so down hearing all of those things..


  1. "dia tak tahu sebab dia tak rasa lagi..."

    Alahai..ada yg ckp camtu? naper la smpai camtu skali. sgt tak menjaga hati.
    Tkpe BnC, lps ni toksah dok amik tahu. u ada degree, u ada master, n buat lagi something yg derang takde..

  2. itu lah..kita nak happy for them, boleh pula tibai cakap maca tu..


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