Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Let us pray

I know I should focus on my study, writing and researching for my perennial assignments. But, i can't. In everything I see, I relate them with my situation. I just browsing the books on the table and I saw this. Waktu-waktu yang mustajab untuk berdoa. The great thing about Islam - we have faith and belief that guide us throughout the journey of our life. The dependency to the superior power soothing us in different way.

I saw this article in a book and I know i should try harder. If people can get something (degree, rich man, power, money, wealth, respect, children) in easiest common way, we might not have the similar journey. But the sweetest thing is that we appreciate more of what we already have, knowingly we were 'sweating' to achieve/reach/get them. If others got pregnant beyond expectation, we got pregnant with a lot of effort. I may not the best person to say this but I believe all of you can understand what it means.

Let us pray in waktu-waktu mustajab doa,moga -moga Allah akan perkenankan segala doa kita.

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