Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Introduction

  • This is my very first post in this blog. I don't know how to express the agony of being infertile and pain of being a TTC couple. I came across several blogs talking about TTC and i'm glad i know some people out there are in the same boat. So i decide to open this blog on the journey towards motherhood.
  • Brief information about me- I am a 27 years old wife, married for 1 year and 4 months but we still not yet bestowed with the greatest miracle of life. Residing in Malaysia, working and part-time Master student.
  • I am not so fluent and excel in English but i want the messages in this blog is spreading throughout the globe, particularly the TTC and women in the same shoe. So, i only use the simple and plain English and do tell me if i making mistakes, be it grammatical errors or facts or information.
  • As the name implies, i longing for bouncing healthy and cherubic baby(ies).
  • What is the story behing the opening of this blog? - Actually i am glad i'm not pregnant in the first year of the marriage, due to the commitment to my study. I love when there is only two of us. I see myself as Carrie Bradshaw in the 'Sex and the City'. However, as time goes by, i gradually and indirectly become ashamed that i can't conceive.Yet. I never put high hope because my period is coming regularly. But, last month, it was late for 3 days, and i did the UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test) and it indicated a blury of positive sign. I was over the moon. I told my hubby and he did confirmed he saw the same thing (the blury positive sign). I started reading books about pregnancy and dreaming of my child's first book (BTW, i love reading and i wnat my children love reading too) and started looking information from the internet. The day after, we did bought the expensive and most sensitive UPT, but dissapointedly i have no a mililitre of HCG in my urine, let alone the positive sign. It was devastating.
  • It was accident when i need some theraphy i came across several blogs about TTC and oh God, all of you are so strong..
  • So far, i never see any doctor or did any fertility treatment except the traditional massage (berurut) once. I heard all of the women seeing her the tukang urut have become a mother, and i, still have an empty womb.
  • I used to ask my hubby if we can adopt a child, but he insisted on having our own child. I will tell more stories, and i hope we can share our exprience.
  • Last but not least, i will also blog about what i did to divert my focus and live life to the fullest.


  1. Salam,

    Hai dear (tatau nak panggil apa ni. hik hik). Anyway, thanks folo blog kak stoberi yea. takpe, ramai kawan2 yg sama kasut, jadi kita adalah kekuatan bagi sesama sendiri.
    Tulis je segala pahit manis semasa TTC ni.. dan kita akan saling supprt antara satu sama lain :)

  2. my reasons are similar to urs when i first create mine. find it hard to express all TTC things in my other blog hence, created new one. with new cycle of friends, obviously, and remain anonymous.

    welcome to the circle, dear.


  3. Hi..salam perkenalan.

    Suke je ayat english awak..senang bace. Sy dulu pegi berurut tapi sm gak tak lekat2. Pastu sy g doktor, then die cakap rahim sy senget sbb sy berurut.Sejak pada tu tak berani lagi dah nk urut. Uhuk~

  4. Pn Stroberi: Boleh call me Mdm B&C je Puan..mudah..rasa sedih sebenarnya nak begin writing in this blog, tapi saya dah mula rasa malu nak cerita dengan husband saya..

    S: Terima kasih menerima saya.. Betul-betul rasa tenang sekejap selepas baca TTC blogs, rupa2nya ramai lagi out there TTC.

    Fadwah: Saya berurut memang niat nak pregnant. Nak pergi jumpa doktor rasa tak ada kekuatan nak tau resultnya..

  5. Hye..
    thanks for following my blog..
    kadang2 blog ni boleh jadi tempat meluah perasaan terutama bila ada perkara2 yang kita tak boleh nak luah kat org sebab org tak faham kita..
    best thing, kat sini kita dapat kawan2 yang supportive and understanding..
    I pun dah pernah pegi berurut. dua kali..tapi bidan tu cakap i ok je.takde ape2 yang tak kena, so, i stop je..
    Anggap yang masih belum dikurniakan rezeki je..

  6. hm..saya ingat nak berurut lagi sekali la juga la..


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