Saturday, 30 April 2011

Announcement of the Pregnancy in Facebook

My preggy friends on Facebook regularly posting this on Facebook every week (i was told it is automatically published via application). The two people who click 'like' on the status only the husband and the wife. From my perspective, it is like they have kind of 'syok sendiri berdua'.  I am not jealous, but i have other friends who kept silent about their pregnancy. They told me that their hubby did not allowed them to annouce proudly on the pregnancies as it is the Allah's secret. God give it and God can take it back. They got a point. Same goes to pregnancy ticker.

It is not okay if you keep alone the baby progress in your handphone or your email?
What is your intention of announce it publicly? Following trend? Let me tell you, sometimes trends are stupid and you are dumb bunny when you follow that stupid thing. Sorry to say, no offense yah.

I understand the excitement of getting pregnant and waiting the new member of your family, but .....

tolonglah sekali sekala ada hati dan ada perut.


  1. setuju jugak dgn pandangan u dear.. anak adalah rezeki Allah, so bila2 sajer Allah boleh beri & ambik balik rezeki tu..

    p/s: nice blog dear.. keep blogging!!

  2. thanks dear..i maybe wrong,tapi anak perlu dikandung 9 bulan macam2 boleh jadi so tak perlu la nak over publisiti.

  3. sgt setuju. and sometimes they could be simply impossible.

  4. hi,
    kawan bg ur blog url to me. bila follow blog org, i suka baca entri awal2.ahah sori kalau ianya mcm stalker. tapiiii, 1 thing, i pun sama boat dgn u...i dh 3thn lebih. InsyaALLAH, semoga kita dikurniakan rezeki nan satu itu dari NYA...aamiin...

  5. salam, hi..segannya i bila org recommend this blog..sbb i tak buat treatment sgt..lebih pada luahan hati je..baca entri awal2 lagilah malu..hihi..InsyaAllah one day kita akan jadi ibu..cuma belum tahu bila masanya..Allah beri yang terbaik untuk hambaNya..


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