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Of recent movies

I guess 2018 have the colorful and fantastic movies compared to 2017. I started my new year with the most raved film The Greatest Showman, a musical film about P.T Barnum (although there are many fictional characters in the film). It was raved in Twitter and people talked about it like a month? I guess it combine the best things people wanna see in a cinema and in a film, consisting of good dancing and choreography, a very ear-pleasing songs, good showmanship, a linear story-line and diverse themes on poverty, standards, class, love, commercialization, money, strange things, dream, ambition, and broken heart. 
I seriously cannot move on from this film so I downloaded all the songs. 

I also watched Jumanji. I not have high expectation on this film. To watch this, I have to be in chill and relax,because I don't want to compare it with the old Jumanji by Robin William. The story is straight forward but after I watched the film, I appreciate the acting by Jack Black. He is legend and…

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